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Ever desired to obtain one of your dream fragrance only to be put off by the skyscraping price wall? At V.V.LOVE, being the scented products manufacturer, V.V.LOVE offers you all the world's most iconic scents, at only the fraction of the price. We categorised all our fragrance products in detailed classicfications for easy navigation to your ideal perfumes. Please note we do not sell fragrance/scented products in retail or online. If you wish to find your nearest V.V.LOVE distributor, please contact us for immediate assistance.
V.V.LOVE Perfume & Fragrance Product Line V.V.LOVE Perfume & Fragrance Product Line
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Best Selling Perfume & Fragrance in V.V.LOVE

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Wondered what our best selling perfumes are? We're here to help. From timeless classics to latest cutting edge trends, we know you'll find something you love.

New Arrival Perfume & Fragrance in V.V.LOVE

Discover Rising Trends

For every new fragrance, there's countless trials and errors happened behind. Our forecasting market insights and extensive industry knowledge allow us to stay on top of the trends and bring out hot merchendize items consistently and reliably.

Explore and find out what surprises you!

Smell, memory, and emotion - perfume's evocative power is vast and interesting. We create collections of gorgeous scented products that commemorate a specific event, a sentiment, and all of the sensations that go along with every taste and occasion. Explore fragrance products selected by V.V.LOVE. Which one do you prefer?
Perfume for Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day, February 14th, is a day to celebrate love in all of its forms. From romantic love to self-love and friendship, there is something for everyone. The air is enchanted on this day, everything is scarlet with little red and pink hearts, and the word LOVE appears everywhere.
Perfume for Halloween Halloween
It's a bat swarm! Invite friends, relatives, and particularly children to the scary Halloween party on October 31st. During the day, excitement is strong, and everyone is ready to meet the Phantoms at night. So, create your own perfume collection, and fill it with a wide Halloween feeling.
Perfume for Christmas Christmas
Isn't Christmas wonderful? Ringing bells, freshly baked cookies, a warm candle glowing, and thoughtfully wrapped presents. We'll teach you how to add some aroma to make it even more appealing.
Perfume for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is the day when we prepare some of the most festive, tasty, and beloved foods, many of which are native to the United States.
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    No broker or middleman, We manufacture all v.v.love fragrance products by ourselves so you can benefit the most. Join our community and become our distributor today!
  • Private Label
    If you like our scented products but want to sell these under your brand, we offer private label service for you. Simply choose whatever products that resonate with you and submit your logo, you can sit back and leave the rest to us.
  • Abundant Stock Ready To Ship
    Our warehouse holds more than 10 million worth goods ready to go 24/7. Our advance warehousing system shows real-time inventory to avoid any mishaps and provide extraordinary customer experience.
  • Caring Services
    We look after your needs from every aspects!Whether you need oflactive training, marketing supports, private label, we are here to make sure you acheive your business goals and grow bigger than ever!
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