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Zhejiang Jinghui Cosmetics Share Co., Ltd.


  • Are V.V.LOVE products tested on animals?

    No, All our products are not tested on animals and we are proud to be cruelty free.

  • Are V.V.LOVE products vegan?

    Yes, All our fragrances are synthetic and no substance are deprived from animals.

  • Do you sell in retail?

    No, we do not sell directly to consumer at the moment. Currently we only sell through our distribution network. You can join us here.

  • Where are V.V.LOVE products produced?

    All V.V.LOVE products are pruduced in our own facility in China.

  • How long will the scent last on me?

    4 hours on skin, 6 hours on clothes.

    We recommend you to apply the fragrance on your wrists, neck, and clothes collar two times a day to keep the ideal longevity.

  • Why are V.V.LOVE perfumes so much cheaper than designer brands?

    1. We are the manufacturer. 

    2. Raw ingredients are directly sourced from worldclass fragrance firms.

    3. No extensive advertising and celebrity endorsements costs passed on to the consumers.

  • Are V.V.LOVE's fragrances of the same quality as designer brands?

    The scent itself would be stunningly close. However the fragrance concentration is brought down to a certain level to keep the price competitive and easy to access for mass public.

  • What happens if I am not happy with the quality of my purchase?

    Please contact us for free sample orders or consider a trial order before you decide to place a high volume order with us as we do not accept exchange or refund.

V.V.LOVE, your reliable perfume & fragrance choice.