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Private Label

If you like our products but want to sell these under your brand, we offer private label service for you. Simply choose whatever products that resonate the most with you and submit your logo, you can sit back and leave the rest to us. Please visit our Jinghui website for more information on private labeling by clicking the button below. 

Private Label
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Pick your favourites

Get inspirations in our extensive private label catalog with over 800+ SKUs plus new products every quarter!

Feel free to dive in, explore and find out which ones catch your eye the most!

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Submit your logo

Logo is the important part of your brand identity. We will handle your logo with great care and position it on the ideal spot of both the product and packaging for best brand exposure.

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The foundation of our extraordinary manufacturing capability lies within our 20 year-long industry experience.500+ production empolyees, 70000+m2 facilities area, advanced equipments and strict quality management system are the formula of successful order fullfillment.

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Enjoy your new product line

After 25-30 days lead time, you latest product line is ready for dispatch and starting to make profit for you business.

Small investment, big rewards, that is what we can do for you.

V.V.LOVE, your reliable perfume & fragrance choice.