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V.V.LOVE, the wholesale perfume supplier in China, is a symbol of affordable luxury.

As a professional perfume making company, we recreate the most memorable designer scents in the world for you to enjoy. In this post-covid era, no matter how much bugdet you have, how bad you are financiallty impacted, you are always justified to own a pleasant scent that empowers you day or comforts your mind.

V.V.LOVE OEM Perfumes can do just that for you.

Never been so easy to experience luxury without spending a fortune. As a custom fragrance maker, we offer intoxicating designer scents in various volume suitable for any occasion including traveling, dinner dating or simply chilling at home.

Explore in our enourmous range of luxurious scents and discover your perfect high-quality fragrance!


Types Scent

Scent Families
What's Your Favourite Perfume Scent?

Floral Perfumes
Citrus Perfumes
Fruity Perfumes
Green Perfumes
Woody Perfumes

The largest family with several declinaisons. A soliflore (single floral) or faceted floral bouquet of white flowers, rose, violet, or orange blossom.

Floral scents are typically descried as sweet, soft and feminine.


It is a family created around agrumes, first unisexed and eventually gendered. The fresh impact is the primary quality of this structure, which is sometimes combined with other aspects for sophistication.

Citrus scents are often described as refreshing and zesty.


From limited editions to an ongoing trend.

Fruity notes can serve as a top or body character depending on the note and the combination.

The "Escada" phenomenon was responsible for this family's success. Since then, it has spread as a subfamily in the majority of families before establishing its own actual family.

Fruity scents are often decribed as sweet, fresh and energizing.


In search of naturalness...

Freshness evolution influenced by nature: green, dewy, leafy, earthy humid sap notes, stem-like hyacinth.

Green scents are often described as crisp, sharp and vegetal.


The raw materials in the wood family are rich and powerful.

Fragrances based on a strong and prominent woody drydown. More manly, though occasionally feminine.

Woody scents are often described as warm, earthy and masculine

How Our Perfumes are Made?

How Our Perfumes are Made?
Perfumes Sourcing Ingredients
Sourcing Ingredients

90% of our raw ingredients are synthetic chemicals and small amount of natrual ingrediants come from only flowers and plants. ZERO animal deprived substance therefore all our fragrances are 100% clean, vegan and cruety-free.

Perfumes Extraction

There are six main methods for extracting plant oil. Expression being the simplest and cheapest method of extracting oil, is most effective on fruits, particularly citrus peel, rather than flowers.

Perfumes Blending

The oils are blended according to formulation before being combined with alcohol and a small amount of water.

Perfumes Ageing

Perfume, like fine wine, requires maturation. This stage, during which the perfume is kept cool and dark, allows the oils to bond and blend with the alcohol, which can take months to process.

Perfumes Testing and Adjusting
Testing and Adjusting

Once the fragrance has aged, it will be judged by a perfume expert known as a "nose" in the industry. If any changes are required, they are implemented.

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