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We, as one of the hair perfume brands in China, replicate the world's most iconic designer perfumes for you to enjoy. In this post-covid era, you are always justified to buy a nice smell that boosts you day or calms your thoughts, no matter how much bugdet you have or how your financial situation is.

Perfuming your hair is a gesture as subtle as it is expressive. It dates back to the beginning of time and represents a fascinating femininity. V.V.LOVE hair mist has great intensity and keeps hair fresh.

How to use

Spray the scented hair perfume in a cloud over your brush or directly into your hair to submerge it in the fragrance's intoxicating scent for an extraordinarily feminine elevation.

What is the Difference Between Hair Perfume and Regular Perfume?

Hair mist products commonly include nourishing substances. It's typically water-based and has only a touch of alcohol, so it won't dry out or damage your hair like alcohol-based fragrances used for the skin.

It may appear that reaching for your normal perfume is more cost-effective and convenient, but eau du toilettes and eau du parfums have high alcohol level that might dry up your hair strands.

Hair scent mist on the other hand, will include more maintenance chemicals, such as to assist moisturize hair, and the quantity of alcohol or the proportion of essence will be vastly reduced, or even non-alcohol, so when sprayed on the hair, it will be less likely to volatilize rapidly.

What is the Difference Between Hair Perfume and Regular Perfume?

3 Things To Do To Keep Your Hair Smelling Nice

3 Things To Do To Keep Your Hair Smelling Nice

Steer clear of smoking

Smoke from cigarettes may be quickly absorbed into hair, especially in heavy smokers.

This is frequently hard to remove and can leave hair smelling for days.

After quitting smoking, most people discover that their hands, hair, and clothing no longer smell.

Frequent hair washing

Even if you may not want to wash your hair every day, following a regular washing schedule can guarantee fresher-smelling hair.

Each person will see this differently, however many think washing two to three times each week is optimal.

A scalp scrub can be used once per week for a thorough cleaning.

Regularly wash your pillowcase

To keep your face and hair clean, wash or replace your pillowcases once every week.

Cotton pillowcases may collect dirt, oil, germs, and residual makeup, which can all rub off on hair and skin.

Try using pillowcases made of satin or silk as an alternative. These substances aid in preventing tangles and additional oil or dirt absorption by hair.

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