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The "green" scent family is one of the most difficult to categorize. On one level, it's the same as the aroma of freshly cut grass, but it's simpler to comprehend the scent of green if you picture a stroll through a field, park, or woodland. The woods, the earth, the moss, and the clean air are those sounds. Each of those items could have its own group of scents. (moss is chypre, fresh air is aromatic, and even some grasses like vetiver are better cast in the woody families). However, combining them can result in something truly unique and evocative, leaving the "green" fragrance family open to a wide range of perception.

Dive in and explore what green fragrances we have to offer!

Green Fragrances Characteristics

The freshness of nature is truly captured by "green" scents, despite the oddity of using a color to describe a scent.

If you will, picture this: A path that winds through a dense, lush woodland that is soggy from rain. between your fingertips, a crushed geranium leaf. a newly mowed lawn, where the carpet of grass beneath your feet feels as plush as fur. a plant-filled conservatory that was so active with photosynthesis. Now breathe in the aroma of verdant. On your arms, would you wear it?

Due to their energizing characteristics, green scents are sometimes referred to as "sporty." Due of their lightness, these colognes work well in the summer.Although there are more opulent green scents that you could get away with wearing in the evening and at night, daytime wear also makes the most sense.

Another characteristic of most green fragrances is how well they transition between seasons. They generally fit the lightness of the seasons of spring and summer, but they also work well in the final days of winter. They have the same level of optimism as flowers and are just as weather-resistant as patchouli.

Green Fragrances Characteristics

History of Green fragrances

History of Green fragrances

Some fragrance families, like chypres and aquatics, may be traced back to one particular scent. That's more difficult to do with green smells because natural notes have long penetrated colognes and perfumes. Like many other scent categories, "green" perfumes probably began as incense, which embodied the pure and subdued force of nature.

Like other fragrance categories, from ambers to chypres to ouds, green-smelling fragrances have traditionally gone in and out of style with the times. The first green notes appeared in perfumes in the 1940s. The original Miss Dior, which debuted in 1947, was as crisply herbaceous as it was floral, and Carven's Ma Griffe, which was unveiled in 1946 to great fanfare when thousands of tiny parachutes carrying samples were dropped from an airplane over Paris, was also noticeably green with notes of clary sage and grassy vetiver.

One of the most recognizable green scents on the market was invented by Oliver Creed in 1985 and is called Green Irish Tweed. Although it has moss undertones, it also has citrus undertones from iris and lemon verbena.

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