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Skills of Perfume Use in Different Seasons


If you are a woman with taste, I believe you will not pile perfume on yourself at random, because that will only be a mess. At the beginning of the preparation, perfumes with different flavors have made an appointment for their customers and selected their suitable occasions and seasons.

Step 1. Match Perfume for the Season

Spring: The temperature is low, but the climate has begun to turn to humidity, and the volatility of the fragrance is low, so it is suitable to choose fresh or fruity perfume.

Summer: The climate is hot and humid, and you are prone to sweating. You must wear a perfume with fresh smell and high volatility. The fragrance of neutral plants and natural vegetation are ideal choices.

Autumn: the climate is dry and the autumn wind is cool. You can try the plant fragrance with strong aroma and spicy taste. Sweet fruity fragrance, or acetaldehyde floral fragrance with high chemical composition.

Winter: Under thick clothes, a strong fragrance is needed to drive away the cold. Sweet flowers and spicy fragrance are ideal choices.

Step 2. Match Perfume to the Space

Confined space: Do not apply strong fragrance in compartments, theaters and other spaces with poor air circulation, so as not to affect others with pungent fragrance, so it is best not to apply low-concentration and volatile fragrance.

Restaurant: generally do not wear strong perfume before eating, because you can't have both food and fragrance.

Hospital: Not everyone will be comfortable with the fragrance. It is better to say "goodbye" to the perfume in public places like hospitals.

Step 3. Perfume for the Occasion

Wedding: On this joyous occasion, fragrance can double happiness. You can choose eau de toilette during the day and strong perfume at night.

Dating: A perfume made of citrus fruits and moss herbs, which contains attractive and hormonal ingredients.

Rainy day: Humid air will make the fragrance disperse in the water area, so it is appropriate to choose eau de toilette.

Outdoor: Sports and shopping are easy to sweat, and the mixture of sweat and perfume will always make people stay away. At this time, choose alcohol-free perfume or sports perfume.

Sleep: Lavender or rose oil can improve the quality of sleep. Before going to bed, apply a little less under your pillow, and a sweet dream will follow.

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