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How to Use Perfume Correctly


How to use perfume:

Many people mistakenly think that perfume sprayed under the armpit can cover body odor, but it is not. Once the fragrance is mixed with body odor, it will produce a strange smell, so you must know the correct way to use perfume.

1. Perfume should be sprayed on parts that are not easy to sweat and have obvious pulse beatings, such as behind ears, neck, wrists, and knees.

2. when using perfume, don't spray too much at a time, a small amount and multiple spraying effect is the best.

3. Don't spray perfume on light-colored clothes to avoid leaving stains.

4. When the body moisture is heavy after bathing, spray the perfume on the body, and the fragrance will be released more obviously.

5. If you want to create a fragrance that seems to be absent, you can spray the perfume in the air first, and then spin it around in the air full of perfume, so that the perfume falls evenly on your body.

Note: a sensitive person can spray perfume on underwear, handkerchiefs or skirts.

Where perfume can be sprayed on clothes:

Usually, perfume should not be directly sprinkled on clothes to avoid color marks. However, with the colorless and transparent perfume, the formation of color marks is sometimes not too obvious, but it is still necessary to avoid conspicuous parts of high-end clothing and spray perfume in some hidden positions, which can not only reduce the irritation of perfume to the skin, but also improve the use effect. Especially in autumn and winter, when wearing thick clothes, it is often better to sprinkle them on some parts of the body than on clothes. These locations are:

1. Scarves, hats, collars, gloves and inner necklines on the chest.

2. Underwear.

3. skirt lace or skirt lining.

4. skirts, cuffs lining, etc.

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